Every Audiologist in the Your Hearing Test UK network...

...Only does Audiology

Because conducting your hearing test requires focus and expertise.

...Charges for Hearing Tests

Because your hearing test should not be rushed.

...Is a small, and/or family-run business

Because your hearing test sounds better with personal care and great service.

Your Hearing Test

Reliable Hearing Tests and Ear Care Clinics around the United Kingdom.
Our Hearing Tests are carried out by caring experts in a comfortable environment.

Your Hearing Test is a network of independent Audiologists dedicated to helping people who are in any way concerned about their own hearing, or the hearing of a friend or relative.

Hearing Test London

We provide Reliable Hearing Tests, Hearing Loss Assessment, Hearing Aids and Accessories, Hearing Care Packages and much more..

No big chains, only independent Audiologists who have been practicing Audiology for years, and who have established businesses based on the highest levels of ear care and customer service.

Reliable and quick bookings for hearing evaluations with expert Audiologists.

Your hearing test, conducted by highly experienced Audiologists around the UK, will involve the following components:

  • Otoscopy - An examination of your external ear canals and tympanic membranes (eardrums) to check that your outer ears are healthy.
  • Pure Tone Audiometry - To ascertain your hearing thresholds (to test the quietest sounds that each individual ear can hear)
  • Speech audiometry - To evaluate how you actually discriminate words in your daily activities, e.g. in a noisy, social environment.
  • Diagnostic findings -A clear and non-technical explanation of the results of your hearing test.
  • Recommendation - We hope that we don’t, but if we do discover any hearing loss, either our expert audiologists will recommend the best hearing aid(s) for you and your ear(s), or refer you on for further medical investigation.
  • Written reports - You can request a copy of the documented summary of your appointment and hearing test results.
  • Education - Our Audiologists will dedicate time to help you maintain and improve your own and your family’s hearing quality and ear health, as there are some very easy ways to do this.

Typically, an initial screening takes 30 minutes, and an in-depth evaluation, 60-90 minutes.

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Why Choose Us ?

In-depth Hearing Evaluations conducted by independent experts in ear care from around the UK.

Safety, Accuracy and Comfort are our priority – we understand that your hearing test is a big deal for you.

  • Reliable Hearing Tests
  • Experienced Senior Audiologists
  • Specialists in Hearing Loss
  • Experts in Hearing Aids
  • HCPC Registered

Want to talk about hearing loss ?

Please don’t hesitate to call one of our independent Audiologists
who will be glad to answer any questions you might have

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    All our Your Hearing Test clinics are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council

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